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Injectables & Botox

Botox/Dysport- $10/unit

HA Fillers - $600/syringe

Mini Lip Plump - $400

Full Lip Plump - $600

Lip Flip - $100 (if only treatment provided)

Deoxycholic Acid (Under chin fat dissolving) - $600

Hyperhidrosis - $600-$1000 ($250 if covered by insurance)

About Karina

Karina is a registered nurse with over 12 years of nursing experience in various clinical settings. She began her medical aesthetics practice over 3 years ago, inspired by a keen interest in helping people age gracefully and care for themselves both internally and externally. She is a compassionate nurse with proficient knowledge in anatomy and injecting skills, who truly cares about getting the best results for her patients. Her attention to detail and passion for medical aesthetics allow her to provide her clients with natural and subtle, yet beautiful results.

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