Enhance your natural lashes instantly with one of our safe and non-invasive procedures. Customize the length, thickness, and curl of your lashes with our Classic, Hybrid or Volume extensions. If extensions aren’t your thing, opt for our Lift + Tint package for more curled, bold-looking natural lashes. We are also one of the only lash boutique in Canada to offer Gel'lys Link Gel lash technique; a new innovative method of safe lashing.




What is Gel-Lys™ Lynk Gel™?

The Gel-Lys™ lash method is a new curing device that bonds eyelash extensions instantly with a precision Light Emitting Diode (LED). Compressing the 24 hour cure time of conventional lash adhesive into a few seconds, the Gel-Lys™ ushers a new generation of quality and efficiency to lash extensions. 

The Gel-Lys™ works together with Lynk Gel™, a gel adhesive formulated for use around the eyes. Lynk Gel™ dries immediately when activated by the Gel-Lys™ device.

Benefits of Lynk Gel™?

Stronger: The flexible bond of the Lynk Gel™ endures stronger & longer than conventional eyelash adhesive. Its superior attachments tolerate water, oils, powerful makeup removers, and eye creams. With the Gel-Lys™, you can continue your favorite eye care routines without the worry of compromising their lashes

Safety and Comfort: The instant cure of the Lynk Gel™ drastically reduces the fumes emitted by eyelash adhesive. With virtually no fumes, less respiratory irritation and fewer headaches are expected. You'll leave your lash appointments with less red eyes and fewer tears.

Gentle: With its LED less bright than daylight, the Gel-Lys™ is fully safe to operate near the closed human eye. In fact, many clients don’t even notice when you start the application! Our gel Remover assists removal with zero damage to the natural lashes.

Long-lasting: retention up to 6 weeks with proper after-care

Meet Our Lash Artist

Alicia Massiah

Alicia is a certified lash artist that has been in the lash industry for over 3 years. Certified by "Luxe Lash Beauty & Co" in 2017, Alicia's love for lashes grew as she has seen it as a beautiful enhancement for women. Not being a huge makeup user herself, Alicia has had lashes on for over 6 years and loves the feeling of "waking up and going, without any other makeup on". She believes that lash extensions could be the makeup that women are looking for, and want her clients to feel as confident as she does with her compelling lash services. We are proud to have a talented lash artist like Alicia inside My Beautique, and we trust you will too.


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