Bronzed For The Holidays … Organic Spray Tan! By: The Brown Eyed Phoenix

Updated: Mar 25

I don’t know about you, but in the Winter time – I lose my summer glow at rapid speed … leaving me white as a ghost.

… see for yourself!

So … I decided to try my first airbrush organic spray tan … right in time for the holidays!

Not only do I recommend it for personal use and events – however gifting the skin products or a gift card for a spray tan is the perfect stocking stuffer or add-on gift!

I’ll be honest – I’ve always been skeptical of trying a spray tan – as I’m sure each of us have seen or heard our fair shair of stories when someone leaves the salon looking like a Dorito!

With trust and comfort in Melissa as a professional I knew I had nothing to fear!

Melissa creates a welcoming and safe space for women to feel pampered, nurtured and beautiful. With over five years of professional industry experience, Esthetics and Makeup Diplomas, a Medical Esthetics Certificate and an honours diploma from Canadian Beauty College, she brings knowledge, expertise and care to each of her clients!

Melissa – the owner a.k.a the brain and heart behind My Beautique did a wonderful job making sure I felt comfortable every step of the way!

You leave the salon feeling and looking bronzed with a 100% organic airbrush tan. It’s quick, harmless and flawless. This tan is chemical, fragrances and parabens free!

You get a perfectly sun-kissed glow!

This is ideal for those with sensitive skin and is compatible with all skin types as each application is uniquely customized to your skin tone and desired shade!

The formula for the SunnaTan is based on three key components:

  1. Custom Solution: This spray tan is all natural which works with each unique skin tone to deliver a flawless glow! It is customized to each specific skin type, tone and preference. Their newest formula and technique ensures a natural, rich tan leaving your skin feeling hydrated and looking luminous! The colour Melissa chose and created for me personally was the perfect bronzy glow I had hoped for! Not orange at all!

  2. The Technique: This isn’t a machine prompting you with the stress of when to turn or move your body (cue the Ross Geller Friends episode) – this is an actual professional who precisely uses an airbrush application technique to ensure an even tan! Special attention is shown to each person’s unique composition and shape making sure the tan is even, leaving no patches, discoloration or tan lines! … So yes ladies wear a cute pair of undies because another individual will be in the room spraying you head to toe! To be completely honest, I at first was uncomfortable as I tend to act more confident than I really am. Melissa however made me feel comfortable as she sprayed the air-brush leaving my skin evenly tanned and glowing!

  3. All Natural Ingredients: A tan is something we all want – however the typical tanning bed we all know of course isn’t so healthy. This unique spray tan contains ingredients which they perfectly labelled “skin-happy ingredients”. The formula consists of sunflower oil, bark extract, gotu kola, ehinacea and green tea. A natural chemist takes the time and patience to create this magic potion!

Not only did Melissa create a custom colour that gave me a glow rather than that worrisome orange colour we laugh about! But Melissa made sure she explained each step as she allowed me to feel comfortable in my own skin. I walked in looking like a snowflake and left looking sun kissed!

Not only is this organic spray tan safe, healthy and natural. It is perfect to add some colour with the holidays around the corner. Everyone wants a nice glow for New Years or any other upcoming celebrations!

The lotions, creams or even a gift card to My Beautique is the perfect Christmas gift!

Melissa’s attention to detail, professionalism, kind heart and dedication to making sure each customer feels comfortable, confident and heard truly makes you want to return back.

I couldn’t be happier with my glow!

With Christmas only a few days away, I’m glowing – literally- from the inside – out with happiness and appreciation.

Happy Holidays!

x The Brown Eyed Phoenix



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