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Meet Your New Favourite Spray Tan- Nuda!

We’ve already given you 5 Reasons to Book In For a Spray Tan ASAP! And now, we’re going to let you know all about the incredible formula we use, Nuda. Keep scrolling this blog post and we’re sure you’ll fall in love with Nuda as much as we do.

Before we tell you what is IN Nuda products, we’re going to first tell you what’s NOT in them! Nuda spray tan formulas are vegan, cruelty free, paraben and gluten free as well as nut oil free. We absolutely love that Nuda is passionate about not only products that work, but that work using natural and naturally derived ingredients. Nuda tanning solutions are thoughtfully and ethically created to give your skin an ultra natural, healthy glow that is never orange, streaky or sticky.

This spray tan not only gives the appearance of healthy skin, but the products are also enriched with vitamins A, C, and E, and aloe extracts for ultimate hydration. White and green tea extracts are also included for their anti aging properties. On top of this, their ingredient list is purified to reduce the risk of any allergic reactions making it ideal for sensible skin types!

Now that you know the basics, we’re going to give you the inside scoop on some lesser-known fun facts that’ll make you love Nuda even more!

  1. Nuda is a Canadian brand and all of their products are made right here in Canada! We are thrilled to be able to support a Canadian business that provides luxury, sunless tanning solutions that work.

  1. All Nuda sunless tanning solutions are formulated with a color guide technology that ensures an even application and result every time! Their solutions also have a quick drying process that eliminates any stickiness or unpleasant “after-tan” smells that other spray tans can leave.

  1. There are 5 different additives you can combine with your spray tan solution to level up your tanning results! Here’s a quick breakdown:

  1. Anti-Aging Additive

This liquid magic is a vitamin complex that contains restorative properties that aid in stimulating new skin cell growth and fights free-radicals, all while providing an extra dose of hydration. Add this altogether and you’ve got an amazing add on that promotes the appearance of healthy, younger looking skin.

  1. DHA Booster

We’re going to do a quick *scientific side-note* before we explain this additive! *DHA AKA dihydroxyacetone is the active ingredient in self tanning products. To make a long story short, DHA reacts with amino acids in the dead skin cells in the surface layer of the skin (this is why you have to exfoliate before sunless tanning to avoid darker, dry patches!) A chemical reaction takes place when these things meet, compounds called melanoid are formed and it creates a pigment that mimics a tan!*

After reading this side note, the DHA Booster Additive is self explanatory! Add these drops to your spray tan to achieve a deeper and richer tan. Your Nuda Spray Tan Artist can customize amount of DHA Booster Drops added to achieve a custom tan perfectly suited for the bronze you’re wanting to achieve.

  1. Gold & Pearl Shimmer

This add on finishes your spray tan with a fine gold or iridescent pearl shimmer for the ultimate luminous, glowy, radiant effect.

  1. Skin Firming

This formula contains tons of natural extracts and antioxidants with photo-protection and anti-cellulite properties that promote firmer skin and decreased appearance in wrinkles.

*Side note on the additives- they’re not great to use with rapid tans, only basics!*

You can get a gorgeous, customized luxury spray tan with only the best and cleanest ingredients by the experts at My Beautique in Woodbridge, Ontario. To learn more or to book a spray tan, (enter desired booking method).

Here’s to beautiful skin,

My Beautique Inc.

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