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The Science Behind Environ Skincare

Prof. Des Fernades' (the person behind Environ) research into skin health reveals that vitamin A & broad spectrum antioxidants are the best strategies in the fight against photoaging.

Prof. Des developed Environ's core powerhouse formulations, the step-up vitamin ranges, to provide these non-negotiable ingredients and much more. He included ingredients such as green tea, niacin, hyaluronic acid, robust polyphenols such as resveratrol, scientifically proven peptides, as well as growth factors in their naturally perfect ratios; all are harnessed to make the real changes in the appearance of the skin.

He knew it is not a single ingredient or category that wins the race, but the synergy of many. First, by providing the essential molecules vitamins ACE & D we can build the perfect engine; all the parts work in sync under the pristine direction and coordination from the information processing system, vitamin A. Each carefully chosen ingredient in foundational skin formulations is designed to be nourishing and create the idea formula to ensure the skin's top performance from birth to death, reliably delivering healthy-looking and radiant skin.

Here is the science behind Dr. Des' 30 plus years of research and skin care philosophy.


A - repair of DNA.

B - enhances epidermal growth and repair in parallel with vitamin A, controls melanosomes transfer to the keratinocyte.

C - helps the migration of the fibroblast, a major radical fighter, slows down reverses photoaging, tone & elasticity are improved.

D - acts as a natural SPF.

Vitamin C has limited activity on DNA itself but stimulates at least four genes related to collagen and particularly elastic production as well as playing a critical role in the maintenance of a mature collagen network.

Vitamin C affects pigmentation in two different ways; it counteracts the oxidative process within the melanocyte by binding to the reactive oxygen atoms that drive the production of pigment. It also inhibits the metabolism of tyrosine into the end product, melanin, in two places. Vitamin C, used in conjunction with vitamin A, is known to improve the tethering down of scars when applied with the combined technology of iontophoresis and sonophoresis.

Vitamin E is recycled by vitamin C and when used along with betacarotene, creates the brilliant antioxidant network that allows endogenous antioxidants to recycle one another. This synergy of molecules helps to restore levels of intrinsic anti-oxidants in the skin cell such as alpha lipoic acid, coenzyme Q10 and glutathione. Glutathione can only exist inside the cell despite many trying to say otherwise. Vitamin D shares receptors for many genes with vitamin A. When levels of vitamin A & D, dihydrochoesterol, is a chromophore for UVB. With UVB stimulus we can manufacture vitamin D3 in the skin.

Unfortunately, too much UVA will destroy vitamin D3. Practicing sun-sense is the healthiest and safest way to get our vitamin D3 whilst improving our immunity and outlook on life.

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