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Katari Beauty Roseau Toning & Hydrating Flower Water (Frosted Glass w/ Cork)

Katari Beauty Roseau Toning & Hydrating Flower Water (Frosted Glass w/ Cork)



Rose water toner (we call it Roseau [ro-zo], is perfect to set makeup, to shrink pores, to lift and tone skin and make you feel like a superstar. Artisans who make our rose water have phD in vapor distillation and take rose water seriously. Unlike most rose waters we do not remove precious rose essential oil from our water, which adds to rose toner’s healing superpowers for your skin.powerful toning astringentalcohol-free, fragrance-freerosacea & capillary damage repairingfor all skin types, great for acne-prone skinCRUELTY-FREE, VEGAN & ALCOHOL-FREE We are obsessed with rose water and don't leave for any trips long or short without a little bottle of this incredible toner.

Not only it smells heavenly, it is an incredible natural astringent, toner, pore reducer and skin perfecter. Vapor-distilled rose water has been a staple in the natural beauty regimens all over the world for many centuries, if not thousands of years.

Rose water lightly moisturizes and alleviate dryness from dry and aging skin. It is mild, does not sting or irritate skin, balances skin tone, soothes skin and is perfect for any skin type. When used regularly (daily), Roseau will improve complexion without using of any additional cosmetic products and treatments.

Here are some of best uses and benefits of rose water:

  • excellent astringent - tightens skin to prevent sagging (slows down skin aging)
  • provides light hydrating effect
  • helps reduce dryness
  • gives skin a more even tone while reducing appearance of fine lines
  • reduces pore size
  • while primari