Here is what is in our beautiful Melanj mixing & masque application kit:

  • handmade artisanal clay mixing bowl 
  • application brush with artificial bristles
  • handmade mixing utensils out of non-porous olive wood
  • sea sponge for cleansing
  • a sample of hypoallergenic green clay masque 
  • handmade linen bag


The age of plastic is gone. Instead we assembled handmade mixing accessories. Each is proudly made using thousand-year old techniques and some of these techniques are protected by UNESCO as ancient crafts. Most clays contain metals and will oxidize when mixing in or with metal utensils. A lot of other products are reactive to other products and environments. You can have the best ingredients in the world and use them in a way that diminishes their effectiveness. We want our ingredients to outperform your expectations and offer our handmade accessories for mixing Katari or any other recipes at home.

Melanj Argil Masque Set