BROW SHAPING                                                                    25

Spend some time with a brow expert — we provide hard waxing, trimming & tweezing. In about 20 minutes we'll create your best brows ever!


Here's how:

  • pro brow analysis & mapping to determine your perfect shape

  • pro brow shaping

  • we use pre & post treatments to properly protect the skin around the brows

  • brow finishing (we banish any sign of recent hair removal and perfectly define your brows our signature brow products)

  • plus add a complimentary brow gel or our exclusive brow soap to finish your brow look

BROW SHAPE+TINT                                                              35

Using a selection of shades, our Brow Specialists darken existing brow hairs to give extra dimension. Your Brow Specialist will stay with you during the entire developing process to ensure the perfect shade is achieved. You won’t believe the change that just a tint can make to your brows!


BROW SHAPE+HENNA                                                                   55     

Brow Henna is long lasting brow dye that stays on the skin underneath the brows for a few days (up to 2 weeks) and stays on the hair for 4-6 weeks! It’s a great solution for clients wanting their brows to remain darker than their natural brow hair colour for the same amount of time that their shaping lasts, or for clients wanting to achieve a more filled in look without having to use makeup or a brow pencil.

Young Model
Brow Shaping                                          25
Brow Shaping+Upper Lip                  30
Brow Shaping+Tinting                       35
Brow Shaping+Tint+Upper Lip      40
Brow Tint Only                                         20
Brow Shaping+Henna                       55
Brow Henna Only                                  40
Men's Brows                                              15
Youth Brow Shaping                            15