B R O W S H A P I N G                                          25

Spend some time with a brow expert — fluent in hard waxing, trimming & tweezing. In about 20 minutes we'll create your best brows ever!


Here's how:

  • pro brow analysis & mapping to determine your perfect shape

  • pro brow shaping

  • soothing rosewater, geranium water & joba oil skin-calming treatment

  • brow finishing {we banish any sign of recent hair removal and perfectly define your brows with Dr. Schrammek's blemish balm, & our signature brow products}

  • plus add a complimentary Refectocil's brow gel to finish

T I N T                                                                 35

Our signature tints are custom mixed to create fuller looking more defined brows


Brow Lightening

lighten up! create softer, more natural-looking brows. {it's a little like adding gorgeous highlights to your hair!}

Young Model