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Upgrade to Lynk-Gel® Method

+$15 to each lash set price

The Lynk-Gel® device that uses a LED light to cure our special Lynk-Gel adhesive was tested, found safe and approved by ACGIH, IEC, ANSI, ICNIRP, IES standards in 2020. 

The Lynk-Gel Method is a patented technique using a gel curing device that bonds eyelash extensions instantly with a precision Light Emitting Diode (LED) by curing a photosensitive glue. Attached to your tweezers & activated by the flick of your finger, it seamlessly cures your attachments as you work. Compressing the 24-hour cure time of conventional lash adhesive into a few seconds, the Lynk-Gel ushers in a new generation of quality and efficiency to lash extensions.

The curing device is created to work with the Lynk-Gel  adhesive formulated for safe use around the eyes. The adhesive dries immediately when activated by the Lynk-Gel device.

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