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About Yumi Lashes


Yumi Lashes & Brows is an internationally recognized brand that is present in more than 65 countries. At the beginning of 2019, after 4 years of research in close collaboration with their own laboratory, they have developed a new treatment formula YUMI™ Lashes & Brows version 2.0 “Made in France” that has passed all the regulatory tests of the EU. This new formula was designed to ensure an eyebrow lamination with incomparable results but also to provide a complete care to each eyebrow & eyelash hair of the client.

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Yumi Lash Lift & Tint 

YUMI Lashes is an advanced keratin lash lift and enhancement technique that is designed to boost and lift the natural eyelash without the need for fake eyelashes or fake lash extensions. This treatment lifts your natural lashes up from the root and infuses them with a special pigmentation. Resulting in darker lashes that curve upwards beautifully to create the universally desired “open eye” look.

YUMI Lashes are the ideal way to enhance the natural beauty of eyelashes in a painless, safe and non-invasive way, to achieve a more natural look without having to endure uncomfortable lash extensions or fake eyelashes.


YUMI™ technology uses innovations based on the improvement of the natural structure of the cilium in each individual eyelash.

The YUMI™ Lashes effect lasts between 8 and 12 weeks, which is the natural life cycle of an eyelash.

  • NO Formaldehyde

  • NO Harsh Chemicals

  • NO Parabens

  • NO lash extensions

  • NO monthly fills

  • NO lash perm

  • NO mascara required

  • NO traditional eyelash curler

This lash treatment can take up to 1.5hrs long.  Please note that you must keep your eyelashes dry and makeup-free for 48hrs after the treatment to ensure a longer-lasting effect. 

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Yumi Brow Lamination 

A brow lamination is a way to semi-permanently have fuller-looking brows!

Much like the YUMI Lash Lift and Tint, this is a keratin treatment on your eyebrow hairs to lift and fix in place.  Paired with the tint, it will give you the effect of thicker, fuller-looking eyebrows.

Ditch the brow gel, powders, pencils and any other brow makeup you have and give a YUMI Brow Lamination a try.


The treatment lasts 6 - 8 weeks, the natural lifecycle of your eyebrow growth.

  • NO Formaldehyde

  • NO Harsh Chemicals

  • NO Parabens

  • NO Perms

Closed Eye


  • Anyone wanting a fuller, thicker-looking brow shape

  • Anyone with sparse areas

  • Anyone wanting to improve the shape of their eyebrows

  • Anyone with unruly brow hairs, growing in different directions

  • Anyone with thinner, light-coloured brow hairs

This treatment solves the messy brow issue, creates volume and fullness, while giving you a sleek well kept brow shape for up to 2 months.


This brow treatment can take up to 1hr.  Please note that you must keep your eyebrows dry and makeup-free for 48hrs after the treatment to ensure a longer-lasting effect.

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