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5 Reasons You Need To Book a Spray Tan ASAP

At My Beautique, we are passionate about maintaining the health and integrity of the skin you’re in. So OF COURSE we need to talk about why sunless tanning is not only the safest method of getting your bronze on, but also why we feel it ranks supreme in comparison to other tanning methods! In this blog post, we’ll be hitting you with our top 5 FAVOURITE reasons we adore spray tans for any occasion, in any season!


Although we love a hot beach day, the results of baking in the sun all day can wreak havoc on your skin in more ways than one. Prolonged exposure to the sun and its harmful UV rays can cause damage to the cells on your outermost layer of skin that results in premature aging. Besides wrinkles and dark spots, there is also a highly increased chance of developing skin cancer. So as much as we love a bronzed glow, the love and need for healthy skin trumps that by a long shot! This is the biggest and most important reason we advocate for sunless tanning.


Everyone feels a little sexier and more confident when they’ve got a good glow on, right?! Whether you’re feeling insecure about stark white legs in a formal dress, you’re heading on vacay and don’t want to blind anyone with your pastiness on the beach first day, or you’re just feeling a little blah, a spray tan is the PERFECT way to boost your confidence instantly! Speaking of instantly…


Instead of having to wait days for a gradual sunless tanner to appear or sitting out in the sun for weeks before seeing any kind of result, spray tans are INSTANT! At My Beautique, we use Nuda Canada for our spray tans and there are 2 types of formulas to choose from; basic and rapid. With the basic spray tan formula, it takes about 8-12 hours to develop, so you must wait that amount of time to shower to achieve full results. With the rapid spray tan formula, it only takes a few hours to develop, meaning you can have an even more instantaneous, customized result! On the topic of customizable…


There are plenty of different shades of spray tan in the Nuda line that will help you achieve the perfect glow suited just for you! The rapid spray tan also allows you to rinse off whenever you want to achieve a different level of bronze; the sooner you shower, the less dramatic your tan will be, the longer you leave it on before showering, the darker your tan will be.


One of the downfalls to both sun and sunless tanning is that it is nearly impossible to achieve a perfectly seamless, even tan. With the spray tan application method, you end up with a perfect, consistent, streak free, spot free, seamless bronzed finish!

In conclusion, there are countless reasons why spray tans are the way to go and we’ll be patiently waiting for your call to book in for one for yourself! The skin experts at My Beautique Spa in Woodbridge, Ontario can fill you in on everything you need to know about choosing a sunless tanning formula and how to best maintain your glow at home.

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