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Clean, Green Beauty ft. Katari Beauty Products

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

How I was introduced to Katari Beauty products was almost done by accident really, but I am so grateful that I came across this fantastic, unique brand. Brow Shaping is one of the most popular services that I offer inside My Beautique, and I had found that the majority of my clientele were upset about their thinning brows. Whether they were misshaped previously, overplucked/ waxed, or simply just not growing in, I wanted to give my clients a solution to this very common issue.

At my previous jobs (before owning my own business), I was introduced to Castor Oil and how this was a staple to healthy hair growth. A lot of my previous employers would suggest Castor Oil to their clients to improve healthier hair growth, and if done religiously it would thicken their brow/ lash hairs...and it worked! I had seen a lot of improvement in my client's eyebrow growth, and I instantly fell in love with this ingredient. I started using it on my own eyebrows, and it became apart of my nightly skincare routine.

Fast forward to today, I had gone through various companies and their version of Castor Oil, or I would make the suggestion to my clients to go to their local natural food store to purchase 100% Black Seed Castor Oil. I wasn't fully content with any brand, as they always included other ingredients with the Castor Oil, so I thought is this devaluing the product and what it could potentially do for our skin and hair? Once I took two courses through Cosmetics Alliance in Product Safety, and Science of Cosmetics, I began to realize that cosmetic companies do not claim to be what they advertise, or they manipulate the consumer through marketing. The majority of the time cosmetic companies get away with advertising that a product is "natural" by putting the bare minimum of that natural ingredient inside the product and filling the majority of it with other filler ingredients that are not within its natural origin. They may be FDA approved so it will not harm the consumer and can be sold, but in reality, it is not 100% naturally derived. How about the packaging?

Have you ever considered that the plastic bottles that hold your "natural" product degrade the efficacy of the product? So really...are you absorbing 100% natural ingredients, or the cosmetic company's version of it?

After extensive research and desperation of a real natural company, I came across Katari Beauty. Not only did I find the perfect Castor Oil that is 100% Cold-Pressed from the black bean (that's right, it is a bean), I was opened to a whole new world of facial oils, clay masks, and multi-functional skin-care ingredients that have become a staple in my daily routine.

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We have quite a different definition of clean beauty since it is not yet defined for all brands. We stand for purest, unadulterated, unmixed, preservative-free single-ingredient beauty products. Of COURSE, they are vegan and cruelty-free by default, as flower water will hardly contain animal matter or be tested on animals. Our products are NOT scientifically tested. They are tested by countless generations of beauty enthusiasts in the Mediterranean and in the world. We do not need additional proof. If it did not work, it would not be used now. We believe that eliminating plastic and poor quality from beauty is essential. That is why we make our own gorgeous glass packaging and scout the most remote parts of the world for the best-kept secrets and most decadent ingredients.


We do not buy from 3rd party suppliers. We take time to find the best artisans and work with them directly. This way we can tell you the story of each artisan and each ingredient from the field to the bottle. Certifications in this world mean very little. The best and smallest producers simply cannot afford the cost of organic certifications and some other producers cut oils with other oils, dilute waters and simply purchase papers necessary to look good. You would not know that if you do not travel and have not seen it for yourself. We are an open book. We are here to tell you how it really works and to deliver ingredients you will rave about to all your friends, and products your skin will thank you for.


Maybe the idea will sound too simplistic - how difficult can it be to package rose water or jojoba oil in a bottle. But real simplicity is very complex. Rosewater differs from other rose water and jojoba oils are not made the same. Many of our customers were our biggest skeptics first, saying 'I have tried jojoba oil before and am not a fan'. After trying our freshly cold-pressed fresh and unfiltered golden jojoba oil, they told us, 'well, I am obsessed.' It goes on and on about each ingredient we have. I personally spent over 10 years looking for a specific clay with a very particular chemical composition. And 10 years to find the rose water that all our customers rave about. That is a lot of years. We learned something quite funny about one of the most expensive oils we source, prickly pear cactus seed oil, our Barie. When we tried to import it to Russia where they currently have it on the market, customs told us they have never had this oil enter the country through the customs before. After a lot of pain and aggravation, it turned out that 'other' oils were not 100% pure and blended with other oils. However, somehow there are 100% pure oils available for purchase on that same very market.... hmmm...


We took an effort and we did it without the money, funding, crowd-funding, or anything at all. We made our handblown glass packaging in an effort to eliminate as much of the plastic packaging from the world of beauty and from our planet as possible.


Here is a video of me using a select few products from Katari Beauty, and how I incorporate their multi-functional products in my skincare routine. All products can be found in our shop!

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