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Micro-Needling 101

Micro-needling can seem intimidating, the mention of needles sends many running for the hills! However, micro-needling is a gentle service that provides countless benefits. In this blog, we’re going to break down the pros of micro-needling and who the ideal candidates for this service are!


Micro-needling has been around as a cosmetic service since the 1950’s. It is a non-invasive procedure in which a lot of sterile, super tiny needles are pressed into the surface of the skin. By lightly penetrating the skin with the micro-needles, the skin’s repair system begins to create elastin and collagen. When skincare is applied afterward, it is able to penetrate deeper therefore working more effectively. 

You may be familiar with the term “epidermis” as the outermost layer of the skin, but there is actually a lesser-known protective barrier on top of the epidermis called the “Stratum Corneum”. This barrier is in place to block out harmful bacteria and retain the skin’s moisture. Sometimes this layer can prevent topical products from absorbing properly, so micro-needling is an excellent way of prepping the skin for maximum absorption and benefits from your skincare products. 


Micro-needling is also known as Collagen Induction Therapy as the micro injuries caused from the service encourages the skin to produce more collagen as a reparative tool. An influx of collagen means that the skin looks plump and young while decreasing the appearance of fine lines, dark spots and acne scars. 

The other benefit of micro-needling is that it helps to reduce hyperpigmentation. The appearance of these dark spots can be significantly reduced with micro-needling as the micro injuries made on the skin will lead to a healing process in which the dead layers of skin shed. When these top layers of dead skin shed away, hyperpigmentation as well as scarring caused by acne has been shown to lighten on the fresh. new skin. 

Micro-needling is so beneficial for a variety of different skin types and can provide relief for many skin care frustrations. A few skincare concerns that micro-needling can help with are:

  • Anti Aging concerns like fine lines and fullness (lack of collagen) 

  • Hyperpigmentation caused from sun damage, acne scarring, hormonal imbalance, etc.


Micro-needling is also an incredible service for anyone wanting to achieve the best results possible with their skincare products. If you’re curious whether micro-needling is the right service for you, the skincare experts at My Beautique, the best spa in Woodbridge, Ontario are here to help. Book a consultation and we would be happy to give you the best advice for your situation.


If you choose to try out Collagen Induction Therapy Micro-needling, here’s what you can expect. You’ll need to commit to a minimum of 3 treatments, 6 weeks apart to achieve best results. This micro-needling service is completed with an application of hyaluronic acid gel to promote collagen synthesis and to enrich the skin with hydration. This service plan results in clear, even toned, plump, visibly healthy skin.  

If you’re interested in Pigment Correction Micro-needling, you can expect to see results with 7 in-clinic treatments every 3 weeks paired with daily use of “Bright Skin Lotion”. In this service, your My Beautique Pro will use the micro-needle tool to infuse “The High Light Serum”. The natural active ingredients of this powerhouse serum help to control melanocytes (the cells that produce Melanin) and reduce the appearance of pigmentation. Not only can you expect amazing reparative action from this service, it will also help to prevent against future pigmentation. 


Now that you have seen all the benefits and what is involved with micro-needling, hopefully you are already reassured about its safety. When performed by professionals in a spa like My Beautique in Woodbridge, micro-needling is a safe service for most skin types with minimal discomfort and healing time.

To find out more about how micro-needling could improve your specific skin concerns, contact us so one of our Woodbridge skin experts can help you come up with a game plan! 

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Here’s to beautiful skin,

My Beautique Inc.

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