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Skin Health ft. Bend Beauty

In my career, and own personal skin care journey, I learned very quickly that healthy skin begins from what's within. It begins from what we ingest, how we absorb nutrients, and how we take care of our overall health. Realistically, our skin is our largest organ protecting us from environmental stressors, so why wouldn't we take care of it if it takes care of us? One of the reasons could be because we are bombarded with loads of beauty companies that constantly sell us the idea that products will cure everything. They brainwash consumers into buying a dream of a one product fixes all regime, but we all should know by now that our skin has many layers that need internal and external care. I'm not saying to drop your cleaners, serums, or moisturizers because well-formulated products do protect the first layer of skin that is constantly disturbed by environmental damage, I'm just saying it's time to invest in your true skin...the second layer of skin that is the foundation to your overall skin health. It's quite simple, if you treat your body & health with respect, it'll shine through your skin...literally!

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