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Skincare Products 101: Back to Basics

Before you go extra with your skincare routine, you’ve got to know the basics! Many people know the bare minimum when it comes to skincare products, so we’re going to break down skincare must haves, why you need ‘em, and how to use ‘em! We’re going back to basics in the blog post, so you know why you’re applying the skincare products you love and how to apply them properly! 


First things first, a great cleanser is an absolute MUST in your skincare repertoire. The purpose of a cleanser is just that; to cleanse the surface of the skin of dirt and particles and set the stage for the remainder of your skincare routine. Just like skin types, cleansers come in various forms and have different benefits. 

If you have dry, dehydrated skin, a non-foaming, cream cleanser is great as the texture is gentle and soothing on dry, tight skin. Cleansing oils, balms, and micellar solution are great options for dry skin as well. 

For combination skin with areas of oily and dehydrated, gel and foaming cleansers are awesome for removing excess oil and providing gentle exfoliation. 

Oily skin types should consider gel cleansers to remove excess sebum. Clay cleansers are also effective in controlling oil production. 


Using a chemical or physical exfoliant helps to remove dead skin cells and flakes. It also helps to unclog pores, prevent breakouts, even skin tone, and increase blood circulation resulting in smooth, radiant skin. Chemical exfoliants contain ingredients like AHA’s (Alpha Hydroxy Acid like glycolic acid and lactic acid), BHA’s (Beta Hydroxy Acids like salicylic acid) and PHA’s (Poly Hydroxy Acids like lactobionic acid) that come in varying concentrations. 

Physical exfoliant manually removes dead skin with an accessory like a loofah or pumice stone, or in products with a gritty scrub made from sugar, salt, sand, or beads. 

Exfoliants should only be used 1-2 times a week.


Toners are applied following cleansing not only to ensure all debris is removed from skins surface, but also to replenish moisture and nourish freshly cleansed skin. Toners are packed with vitamins and nutrients and help to balance pH level of the skin. Using a toner before other skincare products will allow these products to penetrate deeper into the layers of the skin. There are many different types of toners for various skin types and concerns.

Those with dry skin should look for alcohol-free toners with ingredients like hyaluronic acid and rose water to soothe and hydrate thirsty skin. 

Toners with glycolic acid or witch hazel are great for those with combination/oily skin. These toners help to deeply cleanse and refresh pore to control sebum production.


Serums are an incredible product type to incorporate in your skincare routine as they absorb quickly into the skin and allow the following products applied to penetrate deeper. There are serums for every skincare concern under the sun:

Anti-aging. These serums are used to slow down and combat signs of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage and sagging skin. Anti-aging serums promote cell turnover which speeds up the cell renewal process resulting in firmer, tighter, plumper, younger looking skin. These types of serums often contain ingredients like peptides, AHA’s (Alpha Hydroxy Acid), and Retinol.

Acne treatment. Serums formulated to treat acne prone skin typically contain ingredients like AHA’s, BHA’s, glycolic acid, citric acid and tea tree amongst many others. These serums help to absorb excess oil, unclog and minimize pores and calm irritation. 

Hydrating. Hydrating serums work in unison with moisturizers today pump your skin full of the moisture it’s desperately craving. The serum penetrates deep into pores to provide moisture while moisturizer locks it in.

Reparative. These renewing serums stimulates the skins natural repair functions using ingredients like green tea, ceramides, and antioxidants. These serums penetrate the skin to repair it from within while protecting against free radicals that cause premature aging. 


The skin under the eye is much thinner than the rest of the skin on your face, which means regular daily moisturizer can be too heavy. Eye creams are specifically made to moisturize and tighten this delicate skin. It is also made to reduce puffiness and minimize dark circles with ingredients like collagen, peptides and caffeine. 


A great moisturizer suited to your skin tone is essential for every skincare regiment. Moisturizer creates a barrier to protect the skin from environmental factors that can affect the skin negatively all while rehydrating for soft, supple skin. 

Dry skin is craving extra moisture so it’s best to go with a thicker cream moisturizer. For combination skin, lotion moisturizers are just the right weight for both dry and oily patches. As for oily skin, a lightweight gel formula is typically best to control oil through throughout the day. 


Applying a sunscreen with SPF protects skin against harmful UVA/UVB rays that cause signs premature aging and skin cancer. SPF is THE most important step of your skincare ritual as the sun wreaks absolute havoc on the health and appearance of your skin. Apply your SPF product of choice daily over face, ears, neck, and décolletage.  

Now that you’ve got the low down on what skincare products you must have in your bathroom and what they do, we’re going to let you know in what order to use them! Check out the picture below to use as a guide during your next skincare application. 

It’s easy to mindlessly apply your skincare products and hope for the best, but we hope this blog post has provided you with some insight as to the benefits your skin is receiving in doing so. Lucky for you, the skincare experts at My Beautique, the best salon in Woodbridge, Ontario can help pick out products specifically for your skin type and concerns! We hope this blog serves as a sort of Introduction to basic skin care or as a refresher for all of you skincare die hards! 

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Here’s to amazing skin,

My Beautique Inc.

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