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Skinimalism – Love The Skin You’re In

Trends in all things beauty have changed a lot since the pandemic started. We’ve traded in pumps for sneakers, dress wear for lounge wear, and high maintenance hairstyles for low maintenance upkeep. There has also been a major shift in focus from makeup to skincare- and the trend we are absolutely loving is the concept of Skinimalism!

What is Skinimalism? It’s a play on minimalism, and focuses on using the minimum number of makeup products possible for the maximum benefit to your skin. Skinimalism isn't about creating perfect, airbrushed, or retouched skin, but it doesn't mean sacrificing a glowing and healthy-looking complexion either. Ultimately, it’s referring to the end of the ‘caked-on’ makeup look and a return to more natural skincare texture that focuses on simplicity and the essential products.

Less is More

This was a big skincare trend in 2021 and is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. The build up of too many makeup and skincare products can create irritation to the skin. MORE products wasn’t actually doing MORE for the skin. The Skinimalism trend is about focusing the skincare routine on the actual skin problems that each consumer has. It combines both makeup and skincare to enhance a more real, natural look. It’s embracing your skin - flaws and all - and treating it with a little extra love by embracing it instead of covering it up. It means putting more focus on the health of your skin from the inside out and using makeup to enhance the beauty of your natural foundation!

The pandemic has wreaked havoc on our skin in more ways than one. From “maskne” to stress induced skin imperfections, our skin has taken a major beating, and we love the shift in focus from covering up, to skin health. Skin is textured, skin is blemished, skin is imperfect, and it’s time we acknowledge this and embrace it! More and more consumers are growing tired of the unrealistic beauty standards portrayed on social media through special filters, photo editing apps and airbrushed professional beauty campaigns.

Building your Skinimalism Skincare Routine

As the skincare specialists and experts in Woodbridge Ontario, we can recommend a facial service that is perfectly suited for your skin type and concerns as well as a skincare regiment to maintain healthy skin at home! We carry the very best skincare products in Woodbridge Ontario, including Alumier MD, Bend Beauty, Candorvision, Coola, Enivron, Katari Beauty, and My Beautique. You can check out any of these lines on our online store

Whether you’re dealing with issues like fine lines and sun sports or blackheads and acne, we’ve got a skincare solution that we’d be more than happy to teach you about so you can love the skin you’re in. Got questions about your skincare routine or which skincare products are best suited for you? Schedule a consultation with a My Beautique skincare expert today.

Follow us on Instagram @mybeautiqueinc for all things beauty from your trusted skin professionals at My Beautique salon in Woodbridge, Ontario.

Here’s to amazing skin,

My Beautique Inc.

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