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The Dreaded Spring Lash Shed

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

If you're noticing you're losing more hair right now, don't you worry your pretty little heart- it's totally normal!

During spring season, our bodies start preparing for warmer temperatures and weather. The spring is typically dry so it is a natural process for our bodies to increase oil production to keep our hair and skin from becoming dehydrated. For those with dryer skin, the hair follicles (right under the skin) may not get the hydration and nourishment they need to grow. This can mean that lash, brow and head hair becomes brittle and falls out prematurely.

During spring, the growing heat may trigger more lashes to go into the resting phase which halts growth and causes them to fall out prematurely. To understand this, we’ve got to take you back to grade 11 Biology!

On average, a single eyelash will last between 60-90 days with Anagen (active growth) phase lasting up to 30 days, Catagen (transition) phase lasting between 14-21 days, and Telogen (final resting) phase lasting between 30-45 days. Depending on how fast your lashes grow, the final phase, Telogen, can take up to 90 days to finish before the lash sheds. Now that you understand what these growth phases are and how long they typically last, it makes sense that if most lashes are triggered into the final resting phase, you’ll have a sudden major shed/loss of lashes!

Think of your pets; in the fall, they shed their coats so their heavier, warmer winter coats can grow in. In the spring, they shed their heavier coats for something cooler in warm weather. When you notice your pet starting to shed heavily, you can bet your hair/brows/lashes will go through this same cycle.

Another reason that lashes shed more frequently during this time is because our bodies are producing less melatonin. This happens because we are not being exposed to sunlight as often as in the summer and when we lack melatonin, hormones get out of whack. Anyone who’s experienced post partum hair loss can tell you that when your hormones are wacky, all bets are off in terms of hair growth/shed!

During this time, we recommend going for more frequent lash fills and perhaps getting softer extensions. Your lash specialist at My Beautique in Woodbridge, Ontario will help determine the best plan for you to ride out this awkward lash time. We suggest incorporating a keratin based lash serum into your regiment at this time to pump your lashes full of the protein they’re desperately needing and to speed up the regrowth process. The spring shed typically lasts around 6 weeks and everyone’s experience will be different but if you’re prepared, you’ll barely even notice it!

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