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The Ultimate Guide to Lash Extension At Home After Care

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

Let's get real, lash extensions are HIGH maintenance! We want you to get the most out of your beauty investment by keeping your lashes healthy and happy.

First things first, wash your lashes every single day. It’s easy to get lazy and neglect daily cleansing but this is not only a recommendation, but necessary for eye health and lash retention. It’s as simple as this- lash adhesive does not adhere to a dirty surface and oil and dirt cause existing bonds to break causing poor extension retention. Also, dead skin and lash mites can build up and combine with oil, makeup and dirt that can cause irritation or infection. Make sure to thoroughly wash, pat dry, and brush to fluff!

Keep an eye on every product that comes in contact with your lashes- from hair products to skincare and makeup. Oil-free is the way to go as it won’t break adhesive bonds, so these products are recommended for anything that come in direct contact with extensions (eyeliner, concealer, eye cream etc.) But you also need to be mindful of the not so obvious things- facial cleansers, hair sprays etc. Make sure you are extra aware of not allowing these products to touch your lashes during use to prevent extensions from slipping! Make sure to ask your My Beautique beauty expert about the best skincare suited for lash extension wearers. We love Candorvision’s eye care as there’s something suited for all. Shop the entire line here

Use a Silk/satin pillowcase. If you’re a face sleeper, switching to sleeping on this is a game changer! The silky material won’t snag on lashed and will prevent face products from rubbing off onto the material and onto lashes.

DO NOT BRUSH LASHES WHEN THEY’RE WET! If they’re wet from sweat or tears, give them a good wash, pat them dry and brush them out. The salt from sweat and tears leaves a crunchy residue and can result in a “wet look” and poor retention.

Don’t touch your lashes. Easier said than done, I know, but do your absolute best not to touch or pick. The oils from your fingers can affect the adhesive bond and picking can cause damage and breakage. Give them a good brush with a lash wand whenever you have the urge to mess with them!

You spend a lot of time and money on your lash extensions, and My Beautique wants you to get the absolute most out of your investment! Following this aftercare may seem like a lot, but once you get used to it, it becomes second nature. Your My Beautique lash expert will guide you through an aftercare regiment that best suits your lash/lifestyle! We offer classic, hybrid, and volume lash extensions as well as lash lift and tint services.

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Here’s to amazing lashes,

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