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Why You Should Consider Whitening Your Teeth

Now that we’re no longer hiding behind masks the majority of the time, you want to make sure that your smile is stain-free and ready to light up any room. In this blog, we’re going to fill you in on the incredible teeth whitening solutions offered at My Beautique Spa in Woodbridge, Ontario, as well as tips and tricks to prep for teeth whitening and how to maintain your pearly whites long after your appointment. 


Teeth whitening is one of the quickest, easiest and most affordable ways to achieve a confidence boost with your appearance. This process removes and reduces the appearance of staining caused by food, drink, smoking, and effects of aging. Having your teeth whitened is an amazing way to prep for big events like graduations, weddings and holidays, but why wait for a special occasion to flaunt your pearly whites?!


At My Beautique Spa in Woodbridge, we pride ourselves on only using the best of the best in the beauty biz, and SunnaSmile is no different. This revolutionary system was developed over years of extensive research to provide maximum oral health benefits while whitening.


We’re sure you’ve heard horror stories of people trying teeth whitening and ending up with sensitivity and discomfort, but SunnaSmile was created to be super gentle and safe on gums and enamel, while causing little to no-sensitivity! We love that this registered, all-natural health product is offered as both a spa treatment and an at home whitening method adding convenience to its long list of benefits! With SunnaSmile pro spa treatment, you can expect to see your smile whitened 2-8 shades in just 1 session!


Not only does SunnaSmile brighten and whiten your teeth, it also removes plaque and fights bacteria and Gingivitis! How many teeth whitening options also concentrate on improving oral health?! Just another reason that our Woodbridge beauty salon is absolutely obsessed with this innovative teeth whitening product! We’re going to break down the active ingredients in this product to explain how it works so effectively. 


Hydrogen Peroxide + Carbamide Peroxide + Xylitol

This one-of-a-kind combo is a triple threat as it whitens using the power of peroxide while the Xylitol kills cavity causing bacteria and neutralizes pH balance. This means that while the teeth whitening process is happening, your enamel is restoring and becoming stronger and your oral health is improving all at the same time! 

Calcium Lactate

This ingredient helps to remineralize the teeth. When used with Xylitol, the effect of this is enhanced substantially. Please note that Calcium Lactate is not milk derived. 


The same way this ingredient helps soothe and heal skin irritation, it also provides this effect to the teeth as it undergoes the whitening process. There are many antibacterial properties found in aloe and it has been found to be a natural way of lifting stains from teeth. 


This ingredient contains antibacterial qualities that help heal gums and prevent plaque buildup.


This mineral ingredient also helps to prevent plaque buildup. 


Make sure you arrive to your appointment with freshly brushed and flossed teeth to ensure best results. For the first 48 hours following your teeth whitening treatment, avoid acidic or deeply colored food and drink to prevent staining the freshly brightened enamel. After 48 hours, you can go back to eating brightly colored foods and drink but make sure to follow up with the aftercare recommended by your My Beautique beauty specialist to maintain your brightened pearly whites! 


If you’ve ever considered teeth whitening but have been turned off by harsh chemicals and the chance of the treatment causing extreme sensitivity, SunnaSmile is the perfect option for you. This all-natural formula is vegan & cruelty free, sensitivity free and enamel safe making it perfect for almost any smile. If you’re interested in learning more about this instant confidence boosting service, the beauty experts at My Beautique, the best Spa in Woodbridge, are here to help! 

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Here’s to beautiful skin (and teeth!),

My Beautique Inc.

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