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Katari Green Clay

Katari Green Clay


The most gentle, yet most powerful skin cleansing, pore refining obsessively hard-working facial clay masque.


One Ingredient: 100% pure, primordial green clay powder; naturally hypoallergenic & pH-neutral, non-comedogenic.


Impressively concentrated minerals work together in Argil to oxygenate (Iron), purify (Magnesium), and heal (hundreds of trace minerals) skin. If you had to keep one extremely hardworking ingredient in your skin cleansing arsenal, Argil will win every time. This clay is deeply cleansing and exfoliating. It draws out impurities and extra sebum, improving blood circulation and helping with regenerating new, healthy skin cells, and balancing out acne-prone and dry skin alike.

  • Argil is packed with minerals that work on a cellular level to help regenerate skin and balance it, while naturally neutral pH helps skin stay acne-free
  • rejuvenates skin by gently exfoliating dead skin cells and deeply cleansing skin

  • clears blackheads, draws out excess oils and impurities

  • maintains skin moisture barrier & promotes healthy skin cell growth

  • perfect for all skin types (balances oily, dry and combination skin), does not sting or irritate skin. Some redness is normal - it goes away in minutes and is caused by increased blood circulation

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