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Brow Soap Kit

Brow Soap Kit

PriceFrom C$10.00

Instead of using a brow gel, you can now use Brow Soap to shape and set your brows in place. Brow Soap is perfect for getting those really fluffy, brushed-up, model-worthy brows that gel alone can’t quite achieve. That brushed, slicked-up look, reminiscent of laminated brows! Instead of a traditional soap bar (as in the highly fragranced ones that suck the life and moisture out of your hands), a Brow Soap is pH-balanced to the skin, making it much less irritating.


If you struggle with most brow formulas because they’re not strong enough but you also hate the shiny, plastered look of hairspray, then this is a good trick to try.



If you do too much, it will start to lather and will look a little white, you just want it to be ever so damp, and then press your brows in the direction of hair growth—up and then over, and then down. the result is brows that are essentially glued into place but look extremely natural.


Receive a free M.B. cosmetic bag with each kit!

Brow Soap Ingredients

  • Vitamin E: helps to nourish and thicken the eyebrow hairs
  • Jojoba Oil: helps to set the eyebrow hairs
  • Natural Beeswax: helps to moisturize the eyebrow hairs
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