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Katari Black Castor Oil

Katari Black Castor Oil

PriceFrom C$31.00

Hair & brow enriching & pore purifying oil great for textured hair, braiding, deep pore cleansing.


Unearth the ancient secrets of beauty with our Katari Black Castor Oil. This time-honored elixir, cherished for its phenomenal healing powers, is your go-to solution for rejuvenating skin, enhancing lashes and brows, and promoting hair growth. Black Castor Oil is a pure marvel, cold-pressed from the finest racine noir or black castor beans. These precious beans are organically grown in the fertile Delta of the Nile in Egypt, handpicked by local farmers who have mastered the art of cultivation over generations.


This natural moisturizer is a follicle's best friend, nourishing each strand from root to tip with essential nutrients for robust growth. Castor Oil does NOT grow hair, but it envelopes hair roots in its protective and nourishing cover, protecting them and leading to stronger growth.

How to Use Black Castor Oil

We recommend to use all oils on slightly wet skin (freshly washed hair, while hair is still wet). Also, using Black Castor Oil before going to bed is a great idea to let the oil do its hard work on making your hair, skin, and scalp feel better and healthier.

Black Castor oil has very thick and viscous consistency and it is best to use it when you are home for the evening, as it will be oily and shiny on your skin and hair.


  • On wet hair, massage a few drops into scalp and let absorb
  • If castor oil consistency is too think for you, you can always add a few drops of carrier oil, like Katari Hoba (pure jojoba oil)
  • On dry hair as hot oil treatment (warm up oil in a little bowl in the bigger bowl of hot water), do not microwave or heat oil on the stove, massage into hair roots and ends and over entire length of hair, keep under a cap for 30 minutes and rinse
  • Before bed, apply to scalp and hair roots and go to bed; wash (shampoo) in the morning if necessary

Eyelashes / Eyebrows:

  • Using Katari hand-carved olive wood applicator, apply on eyelash line and on eyebrow line
  • Repeat daily before going to sleep for 6-8 weeks to start seeing consistent results
  • Wash off oil residue if necessary in the morning
  • Avoid direct contact with eyes, wash with plenty of water if irritation occurs
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