• Geranium hydrosol or flower water is expertly crafted from stems, leaves and flowers of a geranium plant. It is vapor-distilled, which means that all benefits of healing geranium are naturally preserved in the water naturally.

  • impressive natural skin hydrator
  • alcohol-free, fragrance-free
  • reduces skin redness, skin irritation & inflammation
  • great for all skin types



It is easy and effective to use on all skin types and is best to spray directly on the skin area that needs some care (after waxing, after peels, sunburn, any procedures that make skin angry and irritated, reducing inflammation and just simply to keep it moisturized.

You cannot misuse or overuse it. Spray Geran directly onto skin and massage it into skin for it to absorbs the water better.

Geranium Hydrating Mist 8 oz

  • Using geranium water is so easy:

    For kids: on bruises, scrapes and dry, red and irritated skin. 

    For teens: cleanse face with Hoba oil and then follow with Geranium water as it is anti-inflammatory and will help with breakouts and acne and will hydrate skin; then put some more Hoba on top while skin is still wet to lock the moisture and benefits of skin healing geranium

    For ladies: hormonal imbalances, hot flashes and overall stress, or just redness after chemical peels, waxing or any other procedures - Geran to the rescue. Spray or massage it in. Combine Geran and Argil in a body wrap masque to reduce cellulite and boost blood circulation.

    For gents: use it instead of an after shave and try it under armpits and to reduce odor and sweat in other parts of the body :).