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My Beautique Cleansing Facial Duo

My Beautique Cleansing Facial Duo

C$61.00 Regular Price
C$54.90Sale Price
  • Our very own Silicon Brush is not only environmental-friendly, but its high-grade quality silicone is safe for all skin types. Its breathable microporous structure can prevent the spread of bacteria on the skin as it does not retain product residue.


  • With 7 speed variables, you can adjust the electric vibration to your comfort levels without stressing the skin. Having this unique feature will help accelerate the skin's blood circulation, relieve fatigue, soothe expression lines, and restore the skin's elasticity.


  • Its easy to clean, fits in the palm of your hand, waterproof, automatically stops after 3 minutes, and the battery life can last each user up to 100 uses.


  • Available in 4 colors with our saying, "My Beautique is Your Beautique" to add our touch!


Microfibre Cloths vs. Towels

✔️Our cloths are non-abrasive to the skin, and are ideal to gently remove makeup, cleansers, and exfoliators without disturbing the skin barrier.

✔️They are anti-bacterial which makes this an amazing tool for acne-prone skin types. Towels can hold a lot of moisture which can create a great environment for bacteria to grow. YUCK!

❗️TIP: use 1 cloth daily from the AM/PM for oily/ acne-prone skin types.

Prevent irritating your skin with harsh textures!

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