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YUMI Nourish Biotin Mascara

YUMI Nourish Biotin Mascara


The Nourish Biotin Mascara is a clear gel primer that is formulated with a Biotin-Peptide complex that nourishes and strengthens the lashes and brows while also promoting growth and reducing shedding. Nourish Biotin provides you with stronger, fuller, healthier lashes and brows, maximizing the result of your mascara. It can be used as a daily treatment and is an ideal aftercare product for all lash and brow treatments.


Key Ingredients:

• Biotinoyl-Tripeptide - Promotes growth and fullness

• Panthenol - Conditions and strengthens to minimize breakage


How to use:

• Apply to clean lashes and brows • Can be used as a brow groomer to give extra shape and definition

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