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No More Bad Brow Days

Eyebrows have gone through an evolution over the past few decades, but we’re incredibly happy that we’ve landed on full, fluffy, natural brows in 2022. It’s hard to keep up with the trends and even harder to grow back or get brows back to normal after falling victim to a short-lived brow trend. Not to worry though, the brow experts at My Beautique Spa in Woodbridge, Ontario have got a solution for every brow in the book! Keep reading to see which brow option is best for you. 


Our brow pros will analyze your eyebrows before the service to create the perfect map for your face shape. At My Beautique, we use hard wax for brow shaping followed by trimming and tweezing. The hard wax that we use is vegan friendly, cruelty free, gluten free, paraben free, and colophonium free. Not only that, it is also incredible for sensitive skin as it reduces redness and inflammation with the least amount of discomfort. Brow shaping is a service that any and all brows can keep up with to keep their eyebrows in check and fresh! 


Who really likes having to draw their brows on every single day?! If you’re looking for low maintenance mornings, a brow tint is just the fix! Here at My Beautique, we use Refectocil tint to create the perfect custom shade for every guest. Brow tinting is such an easy, quick way to change up your brows and add dimension and depth. 


Brow henna is a great solution for those with sparse brows and those who prefer a darker, more filled in brow look. The henna stains the skin underneath the brow and this filled in look can last up to 2 weeks! It is a great alternative to tinting the eyebrows for guests who want a darker brow look for longer as henna lasts on hair for up to 4-6 weeks! We love henna for creating bold, beautiful brows.


Brow lamination is the trend sweeping the brow world right now and we are here for it! Brow lamination is the process of using lift solution to chemically smooth and straighten unruly brow hairs. Brow lamination uses a type of perm solution to relax and set brow stands into the exact shape you want them to stay in. It is great for those with full brows to create a gorgeous, feathered appearance but it is also great for those with fine brows! Typically, brow hairs lie flat on top of each other so it can help create fuller looking brows by manipulating how the hair sits. 


Microblading is a semi permanent brow solution that is especially great for those with sparse brows and those have experienced hair loss. Microblading is done by making small, hair like incisions above the dermis layer of skin and applying pigment into incisions to create desired brows. Not only is microblading great for thin brows, it’s also a great way to enhance already full brows! It’s also an awesome option for those with oily skin that makeup tends to slip off of. Ditch your brow pencil for good and give micro bladed brows a go! 


Like microblading, powder brows are another semi permanent brow solution. Instead of using fine blades to make hair like incisions as is done with microblading, powder brows are created using a machine. Are powder brows right for me?

Powder brows are ideal for those wanting a more defined brow look but can be customized to be as subtle or dramatic as you’d like! 

So now that you’ve got the scoop on which brow service is best for what, you can make a more informed decision on which is best for you! But if you’re still unsure, the pros at My Beautique, the best spa in Woodbridge, Ontario, will help you make the right decision! 

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Here’s to amazing brows,

My Beautique Inc.

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